Winter 2017


Yoga Community Class (by donation) has resumed.  Taught by Michael Jones, the class is strong, guided by adaptations of Sun Salutation as well as standing, balancing and seated postures. Pacing is quick, flowing and dynamic, creating energy and heat. The body-mind connection is purified, brightening the evening and creating a sense of calm and revitalization.
Michael Jones has been teaching the regular Saturday morning class at Recovery Café and was trained by John Wilson. Before yoga, his background was in martial arts.



6:30-7:45am Hatha Yoga - Early Bird Jill
10-11:15am Yin/Yang Yoga Sally
12:05-12:55 Yoga for Lunch Jill
6 -7:15pm Yoga for All Bodies Sally
10-11:15am Hatha Yoga (moderate) Ellen
6-7:15pm Community Yoga (begins 1/5) Michael
6:30-7:45am Hatha Yoga - Early Bird Jill
12:05-12:55 Yoga for Lunch Jill
8:45-10:15am Hatha Yoga John
10:30-11:30 Hatha Yoga for Beginners John
8:45-10:15am Restorative Yoga John
10:30-noon Kundalini Yoga Doris


Class Fees

     5-class pass 50-60 min.  60
     5-class regular pass  65
     10-class pass - 50-60 min.  115
     10-class pass - regular  125
     Monthly unlimited  110
     Drop-in (regular)  15
     Drop-in (noon)