Jenine Lillian recently completed John Wilson's 200-hour teacher training at Recovery Café. She has a long personal engagement with the Zen tradition of meditation and  learned to move mindfully after sustaining serious injuries from an auto accident   many years ago. Learning to modify postures and adapting them to fit the abilities   and needs of the students is her continuing goal. 

Jenine will begin teaching two new classes at Eastlake Yoga in April:

Gentle & Restorative Yoga is focused on destressing, calming the mind, gently stretching tight muscle groups and doing what works best for individuals. By   attending to these with breath awareness, guided meditations, and balance, posture and flexibility will be improved.

Beginning Wednesday, April 1, 6:30-7:45 pm, the class will continue for six weeks. Depending on interest, it will become a regular weekly class. Fees and passes for this class are the same as those for all regular Eastlake Yoga classes.        

Yoga for Guys is given in a supportive, non-judgmental and guy-friendly environment. Goals are calming the mind and freeing it from daily stress, while improving muscle tone, strength, balance and flexibility. More physically challenging variations of asanas will be offered if appropriate.

This class will meet Sunday evenings, 7:00-8:15PM  for six weeks beginning April 5,   and may continue beyond that period.



6:30-7:45am Hatha Yoga - Early Bird Jill
10-11:15am Yin/Yang Yoga Sally
12:05-12:55 Yoga for Lunch Jill
6:30-7:45pm Vinyasa yoga Faith
6 -7:15pm Yoga for All Bodies Sally
7:30-9pm Open Heart, Open Voice* Gina
10-11:15am Hatha Yoga (moderate) Ellen
6:30-7:30am Early Bird Yoga Dexter
6:30-7:45pm Vinyasa Flow Julie
6:30-7:45am Hatha Yoga - Early Bird Jill
12:05-12:55 Yoga for Lunch Jill
8:45-10:15am Hatha Yoga John
10:30-11:30 Hatha Yoga for Beginners John
8:45-10:15am Restorative Yoga John
10:30-12 Kundalini Yoga Doris

*Please check website for schedule changes and fees.

Class Fees

     5-class pass 50-60 min.  60
     5-class regular pass  65
     10-class pass - 50-60 min.  115
     10-class pass - regular  125
     Monthly unlimited  110
     Drop-in (regular)  15
     Drop-in (noon)   13