APRIL 2014

An ongoing study, now in its second year, is indicating that some basic postures, asanas, when done regularly, keep our bones strong, prevent loss of as well as restore bone density in individuals with osteopenia and osteoporisis.
The website www.sciatica.org provides a detailed account of the study, its ongoing results, photos and descriptions of the postures and adaptations.
If you go to the site you will see many of the postures and their adaptations that you are familiar with from hatha classes at Eastlake Yoga, such as Tree, Extended Triangle, Revolved Triangle, Warrior II, Camel, Cobra, Bridge, and Up and Down Dog. The study uses 12 postures.

Sometimes called a sattvic (pure) diet, the basics are: water, cereal grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk and milk derivatives. It should not be too sweet, too spicy, or too salty.
The food should be fresh, clean, prepared and served with awareness of the importance what we eat, that it comes from the earth, and from the labors of many in often difficult situations.
Sattvic food choices must support the yogis' life style, age, health,and practice. In the context of individual's diet the sanskrit word sattvic suggests or asserts the importance of knowing the foods that will nourish body, mind and spirit for a lifetime.
Food allergies, knowledge and experience in combining foods, knowledge of the ancient ayurvedic insights into the effects of different foods on the subtle body, as well as current nutritional guidelines and common sense help us find the diet that works.
For more on thisssee www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sattvic.diet.

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