HATHA YOGA is an ancient practice for maintaining balance and harmony with physical postures (asanas) linked to breathing patterns. Classes are suitable for students with varying experience. Adaptations are used intelligently to offer a practice that is challenging, healing and safe. 

Hatha Early Bird - Get an early start in the day. The focus is more individual so you can start where you are to add to an already existing practice or to build a new one. Open to continuing and new students. 

Hatha Early Bird Power Hour - For experienced students seeking a vigorous start to the day, with lots of sun salutations. Expect to sweat as you pack an intense practice into a short time period!

Hatha Evening Practice - Balance strengthening and restorative practices and postures, focusing on core work. The emphasis is on calming the body and mind. Expect a good night's sleep!

Yoga for Lunch - This 50-minute class is suitable for students of all levels. While the class is a few minutes shorter in length than a typical class, it is not short in providing the basic benefits of yoga practice: calm, clear mind and centered body. The teacher adapts each practice to the needs and requests of the students.

Hatha Yoga Restorative - This class is more therapeutic in focus. Chronic problems with the spine, shoulders, hips and muscle weakness are addressed with adaptations, props and special sequencing of postures to improve comfort, balance, flexibility and strength. Specific breathing and meditation practices are used.

Yoga for All Bodies offers a gentle practice suitable for every body. If you've thought "I can't do this because my body is too ..." this class says "YES YOU CAN"! If you are big, small, skinny, tall, weak, inflexible, working with health issues, or just want a gentler practice, here's a class for you.

Kundalini Yoga can awaken the unlimited creative energy resting within each of us. A class usually consists of postures, expressive movements, chants, patterned breathing and concentration. Open to all.

Yin/Yang Yoga - Gentle poses are held for three to five minutes, helping to stretch the connective tissues (the tendons, fascia and ligaments) with the aim of increasing circulation, improving flexibility and allowing qi (energy) to run more freely through the meridians of the body. Yin practice helps to focus and calm the mind. This class also includes some Yang (more energetic) yoga asanas.