John Wilson

A teenage back injury  became a chronic and potentially disabling condition by the time I was 40, in 1978. After traditional medicine didn't help restore health, a magazine article about yoga brought me to an Iyengar class in Berkeley and later to the Iyengar Institute in San Francisco. Since then I have practiced almost daily.

Over the years I have had many wonderful teachers. I am a slow learner and needed them all. The American teachers who have had the greatest impact and taken me past personally insurmountable obstacles are Arthur Kilmurray, Tracy Weber and Richard Schachtel.

I would never have had the opportunity nor the nerve to teach were it not for Tracy Weber. I studied with her for the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification and recently completed the 500-hour certification. I am amazed at my luck to have found her this late in my life.

It is my incredible good fortune to teach yoga to the people working toward personal transformation at the Recovery Cafe in Seattle. The combination of asana and pranayama -- two practices that heal the body and nourish the soul -- cannot be overestimated. I have seen the results over and over again.

The yoga that I love, study, practice and teach is The Eight Limbs of Yoga as taught in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Because we only scratch the surface of yoga, most teaching time is spent with the basic postures (asanas) and breathing (pranayama).

I believe it is the responsibility of a yoga teacher and a studio to provide solid and clear instruction in all yoga practices. In time we hope to add more devotional and knowledge-seeking practices at Eastlake Yoga.


Sally Carley


Sally is a graduate of 8 Limbs Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training, and also The Samarya Center Yoga Teacher Training. She is grateful for the opportunity to have done further study with many nationally recognized teachers. Her teaching has been most influenced by Paul Grilley and The Samarya Center, where she studied Integrated Movement Therapy, a yoga-based clinical therapy developed at the center.

Having happily found yoga in her early 40s, Sally credits yoga with having brought her acceptance of the realities of aging, as well as the strength and flexibility to face the challenges of mid-life with grace and ease. She wants to help get the message out that yoga is for everyone, not just the young, the fit and the flexible.

Sally is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She offers private yoga therapy sessions to people dealing with a wide gamut of physical, emotional and mental issues, including back injuries, chronic pain, grief, cancer, anxiety and depression.

Her lighthearted teaching style and understanding of anatomy, physiology and the healing benefits of yoga, combine to make her classes fun, safe, and a gateway to all that yoga has to offer.  Read more...


Ellen Liang

After decades of interest in yoga, Ellen began regular practice in the early 90's. She has studied various lineages, including Viniyoga, Iyengar and Forrest yoga, and completed teacher training at Whole Life Yoga in 2007. Since then she has continued her education through Skill in Asana classes with Theresa Elliott.

Ellen is also a certified Pilates instructor. Alignment, core stability and balance are emphasized in her classes. She is guided by the principle that hatha yoga helps us to live more at ease when bodies are pain-free, enabling us to better cultivate mental clarity, awareness and equanimity. To her, yoga is a lifelong, ever-evolving practice and study.  


Jill Shelby

Jill loves yoga.  She has practiced  different traditions with skilled teachers: Bikram yoga with Maude Pauletto, Iyengar yoga with Theresa Elliott, Ashtanga yoga with Carola Schmidt  and Viniyoga with Gary Kraftsow and Tracy Weber. 

She began teaching in 2004 and was certified at the 500-hour level at Whole Life Yoga, Seattle, in 2009.

Doris Bartha

Doris took her very first Kundalini Yoga class at Eastlake Yoga in 2011, and is honored and delighted to continue sharing this deeply powerful, transformative practice as a teacher. As a 'householders yoga', Kundalini is accessible to all, and meant to be practiced by those with jobs, families, and real world commitments. 

Doris teaches from firsthand experience that yoga and meditation are incredible tools for keeping us grounded, happy, growing and elevated - even, and especially, during times of stress, change and challenge. Creating a safe space for exploration, she is fully present to her students and their unfolding physical, mental and spiritual journeys. Merging the profound with the playful, these teachings seek to unlock the innate strength and creative potential in each of us.

As a life-long musician, Doris is fascinated by and excited to share the Naad - the universal sound current with the power to create, transform, and heal. Mantra, music, and deep meditative silence will each play an important role in our practice. She also plays cello as an active member of the Seattle music scene, and as sound healer for herself and others.

Doris completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher certification here in Seattle with the venerable lead trainer, Guru Singh.